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About Me

Healing often begins in the presence of another who can bear witness to the hurt and heartache endured. No one should have to walk the road of depression, anxiety, and trauma alone.


I work collaboratively with clients to provide therapeutic services that best meet client's goals. I work primarily with adults dealing with PTSD, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges.​


As a licensed mental health counselor associate (LMHCA), I provide a safe and confidential environment of unconditional acceptance for every client. ​I consider it an honor and a sacred process to walk alongside people in their journeys of self-discovery to experience healing in order to live their best life possible. While I view life from a Christian framework, I am also aware not everyone has the same approach. I will uphold you with dignity and honor regardless of your beliefs and background.


I have experienced the pain of trauma and know the devastating effects it can have physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. If you need a safe space to be seen, heard, and known, I encourage you to connect with me. The most impactful work is done when we are willing and able to be courageous and honest.​

Qualifications and Experience

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